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Negative Space standard

So let’s talk about negative space. Negative space is defined as the space in or around an object or within the subject of an image. It’s that space that the object or subject resides. It plays a huge role in composition of subject matter and when properly addressed, can silently underscore the subject matter. My own opinion is this space is as important visually, if not more important, than the object itself. It pushes up to and against the object, carving out it’s own space and language. And in that sense, it helps to support the very object it’s outlining. Kind of like an underline. Visually speaking, these two need to work in harmony with one another. A balance. When ...

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Haircuts! standard

I was out for a ride last night with Kaya. We’re doing our thing tearing up some single track. I paused to grab a snack and a drink of water, but wanted to clean up my glasses. Take them off and that’s when it hit me… I need a hair cut. You see, there’s a simple gauge for me when I need… and I’m talking NEED a haircut and it goes like this: Take something off head and hair goes everywhere? I need a haircut. Hair needing to be be tucked behind my ears? I need a haircut. Wake up in the morning and curls stand about 4 inches off the top of my head and I’ve got the rockabilly ...

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Let’s go for a ride… standard

It never fails. New bike days still are the most exciting days for me. I dropped off the new Marauder prototype this past Tuesday and got the call Friday from my boys at Rev Limit Auto: “Frame’s done and she’s MINT.” Garrett knows how to deliver. So a quick drive over to Merrimack, NH and I was excited for the weekend (maybe more so than my usual excitement for the weekend). I was going to build it up Friday evening but decided I’d like to take my time with a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning after breakfast in the Bike Dojo. So that’s what I did. This one’s built as a Single Speed with an option for a ...

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Let’s Talk about the Marauder… standard

I’ve been riding my personal Marauder as a single speed the past few weeks and really enjoying it. However, with this past prototype, I had made a slight error on one of the bends of the seat stays. I’ve been wanting to tear that bike down and replace the seat stays to correct the mistake but that would leave me without a single speed.. So that meant rebuilding another prototype. Which offers an opportunity to try some tweaks to geometry and set up (yes, still fiddling). I finally hit my cockpit length on the nose with my 1×11 coming in at 21.75″ from tip of saddle to the center of the bars. It took some time to dial that in ...

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First Bicycle Ride! standard

Despite the picture above and the ears down, Kaya was quite excited to go for her first bicycle ride post surgery. You see… My dogs on the sensitive side. Maybe it’s the fact she has an unknown past being a rescue or maybe it’s just her. But we wanted to take a picture to mark the occasion and I had to call her back from the car to snap a picture. So I think she thought she wasn’t going but I reassured her “YES INDEED YOU ARE GOING. I promise.” But what a joy to watch my pup sprint ahead of me at full tilt. She loves to run and loves to go for rides with us. A little back ...

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“Oranged” Marauder image

RECENT HEAT: So Brian’s Marauder came together after a slight delay on one last part from the good folks at Shimano. Some times things come together nice and smoothly. Some times things take a bit more time with a delay on a part. But they always are worth the wait! But let’s be frank… I love me some curves in my mountain bikes. However, nothing beats a straight up New England Hardtail. Traditional diamond. Low slung top tube. Some modern touches like disc brakes, 12x142mm TA and a robust 34mm fork. I recently “upgraded” from my now measly 32mm Fox 120mm travel Talas to a Fox 34 FIT4 Float. You point my bike and it plows through lines now. Odd ...

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“When You’re Older…” standard

As a kid, I’d hear this line every once in a while: “When you’re older…”   Another one was “when you’re ready”.  Both basically equating to: “Kris, you’re still too small and you don’t realize that just yet.  You just have to wait till you’re a bit bigger and certain things happen at certain junctions in time.  Just be patient.”  Two things stick out clearly regarding these statements from my parents.  First of course was football.  Another was track.  Less so track. I could not wait to play ball for the same team both my Dad and his Dad played.  I’d hear all these stories and that’s all I could think about later that night.   But there was always something ...

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