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So how does this whole order thing work?

A $500 deposit for Steel or a $1000 deposit for Titanium is required to retain your spot on the build list and represents your firm verbal commitment with 44 Bikes to build a sweet made to order build. Once it’s your turn in the list, I’ll contact you 2 weeks ahead of time to get all the details and produce a drawing and a quote for any components and the cost of the frame.  Once these are approved, I’ll then require 50% down on frame, and 100% down on components with the remaining balance due upon completion.  Your Fedex tracking number is your receipt that your bike is on its way.  I also set up a dropbox account for your build so you can follow along for the virtual “look over the shoulder” as your build comes together each step of the way.

How long is your current wait list?

The current wait, if you were to get on the waitlist today, is approximately 2-3 months before I can begin your bicycle.

How much does one of your frames cost?

Pricing and options for all Steel bicycle frames can be found here: https://www.44bikes.com/images/44fit-steel.pdf
Pricing and options for all Titanium bicycle frames can be found here: https://www.44bikes.com/images/44fit-titanium.pdf

I have a fitter I’ve worked with on previous projects, can we use their data?

Certainly. I’d be happy to collaborate with your preferred fitter. However, I still need you to fill out my fit form detailing specific measurements from your person and your current bicycle so that I can use them as a comparison with the fitters measurements. This is all just part of my own process dialing in the best fit possible.

Can you build me just a frame and fork?

Although I prefer to build a complete bicycle, I am happy to build a frame and fork or a frame and fork with a selection of parts, wheelset, etc. Building a complete bicycle allows me to fully realize your bicycle from start to finish and we can work together to choose the best parts kit appropriate for how you will be using your bicycle. If you do order just a frame and fork, be aware that I might need you to send along the crankset and possibly the wheelset as some builds (i.e. Fat Bikes and 29+) can be tricky to get all the proper clearances correct. I appreciate when I have critical parts on hand in order to get everything “just so”. Please note that I will NOT build forks by themselves. Forks are only for Frame and/or when purchasing a Complete Bicycle.

I designed a frame, I have all the angles worked out, I want you to build this bicycle. Can you build this bicycle for me?

Although I appreciate all the effort that went into this bicycle of yours, my clients come to me for my expertise, my dedication to the craft, and the pursuit of building my bicycles. In other words, cyclists come to me to help them achieve their next bicycle. This isn’t a person’s first bike, or something that they’ve been working on for months deliberating over head angles, bottom bracket drop, and front center… this is a cyclist’s next bicycle. The one that will bring them to the next level. Take them on paths less traveled. I do not build what someone else has designed. I help facilitate the client’s vision of their next bicycle. That bicycle is 44 Bikes.

So I have this idea, and I’ve got a patent and I want you to…

Hold the phone right there bub. You’ve got the wrong number..

Warranty / Repair

What is your warranty policy?

Warranty: Each frame I build is warrantied for life to the original owner.

If any damage has occurred, please reach out to me directly (khenry@44bikes.com) to discuss what is at issue and we can put together a plan to repair or replace the affected bicycle frame.  For failures, I will repair or replace the part/s or the entire frame at my discretion.  For damage incurred from “normal” use, I will need to see the frame, inspect the damage, and we can put together a plan that best solves the problem.  I tend to over-deliver when it comes to repair/damage, so rest assured whatever is at issue we will find a path forward that suits both parties.

I have a bicycle by a different manufacturer/builder, and I’d like to have you make a few adjustments.  Can you do that for me?

Repairs: Unfortunately, I do not do repair or modification work to other manufacturers or builders’ work aside from my own.  Any work that I do could void their warranty.  You are best served to inquire directly with the original builder or manufacturer.  If you are an existing customer and own one of my bicycles, I am more than happy to discuss any repair work that may be required.


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Good old fashioned check, cold hard cash, and Paypal are accepted payment methods at this time.

Orders & Returns

What is your return policy?

If you are unhappy with your purchase, please reach out to me directly at khenry@44bikes.com and we can discuss your return and possible exchange.  If you are not happy, then I’m not happy.  For Apparel and Accessories, please return the unused items to:

44 Bikes
ATTN: Returns
62 Old Temple Roads
Lyndeborough, NH 03082

If you have received your custom bicycle and are not happy, please contact me directly to discuss a return for full reimbursement or a return/exchange of a redesigned bicycle frame to address the issues you are facing.

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