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WELL TESTED : 7Mesh Glidepath Mountain Bike Shorts standard

I recently ordered my second pair of 7Mesh Inc’s Glidepath shorts. I was so impressed with my first pair I ordered last year, I decided I had to have another since they were always in the wash! I can’t speak highly enough about this piece of kit but first a little back story about how I came to be wearing these shorts… I got my first mountain bike around 1989 or 1990. I saved up for a good summer and then some… Mowing my fair share of lawns and shoveling my fair share of walkways. Ironically I still didn’t have enough. My Dad being the good Dad that he is on the way over to T-Town cycles said: “Kris, if ...

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27.5 Plus Build Check standard

This past spring I got the call for a 27.5 Plus. The client made the trip up from Massachusetts for a morning of talking bikes, how he intended to ride, what his terrain was like and lucky for both of us: He was just about the same size as me so he was able to take my 1×11 out for a test spin. That helped to seal the deal. From these conversations, we settled on the spec and build. Originally, he was dead set on a 2×10 setup. I wasn’t sure about that due to the nature of the wheel size (and width) but said I’d take a really hard look at the numbers and check things in real time ...

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Wheel Summary standard

So this is the first 27.5 “Plus” bike out the door of 44HQ.  Really pleased with how this one turned out and I think it’s a high time to give you the cliff notes version on wheel size… If you’re not “hep” to what a Plus sized bike is, here’s the intel you need to know. The mountain bike wheel size was based on a 26″ wheel because that’s what the early pioneers had access to: Lot’s of Schwinn cruisers which had 26″ wheels. However the 26″ wheel has one bad feature: That small wheel size needs constant pedaling to keep it going. Any amount of obstacle sucks the momentum out of it. Early on, a few were playing with the ...

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Tubing, True Temper and Why Made in the USA Matters standard

One of my goals with 44 Bikes is to produce bicycle frames here in New Hampshire from as many U.S. sourced materials as possible. I see it as my responsibility as a business owner to look no further than our own shores for materials to build my bicycles. Now I know you can’t get everything right here in the good ol’USA and I am well aware of the global nature of our economy. That’s actually nothing new. We’ve always been a global economy. I’m not sure why this is a hot topic of late but if anyone knows their history, we’ve had a history of trade that spans oceans for a long time. What has changed, however is our ability ...

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Logging standard

New Hampshire’s no stranger to the lumberjack. According to some sources of history, over 80% of NH was clear cut at one point or another. I want to say we’re either the 2nd or 3rd most forested state these days? But New Hamsphire has always been home to logging practices. In technical jargon, many land owners have what are referred to as “Wildlife Management Plans” or some sort of happy feeling word smithing that seems pretty innocent and fun to the outsider. What I’ve come to learn is this: Logging is going to take place. It’s only a matter of time and just get ready for it. Some do it responsibly, and some well… you can see that there wasn’t ...

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Shop Improvements! standard

Every time I start a new project be it for the shop or our house… I’ve got to haul a myriad of tools and equipment from all points of the compass. Stuff up at the house and stuff down in the shop needs to be dragged one way or another before I can start the project. Some times this can be up to an hour of set up time and subsequently, an hour of clean up depending on the weather. So that’s up to 2 hours lost each day I work on something. I had left the back of the shop open and vacant as I knew I wanted to create a dedicated space for a small modest wood shop. ...

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Marauder : 27.5+ Bikepacking standard

I got the call recently to build a 27.5+ bike packing rig for a photographer who has a knack for taking epic trips and even more epic photos. Perhaps you already follow Mr. Wilson’s work via Instagram. If not, give him a follow! Apparently, he’s working his way down to Peru and needed a special build. John Watson from the Radavisst inquired as there should be some photo galleries in the future from the trip and introduced me to Ryan. We got to talking, settled on all the details and I was left to do the heavy lifting to create his ultimate bike packing setup. We increased the head tube length a bit more to make room for a larger ...

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Hunstman : “Super Fortress” Edition standard

Recently finished up a Huntsman frame set with ALL the trimmings for a client in Connecticut. This one included fenders, a custom fork with rack/fender mounts, matched Thomson Stem and optional carbon ENVE CX fork. Set up will be 2×11 with an 1x option. 12mm TA front and rear. Internal rear brake routing. And that Olive Drab powder! All matched for the color hook up. I’ll let the photo’s do the talking on this one. Really stoked how this turned out.

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