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Titanium DEDBLO Hammer


Every shop has a hammer.  But not every shop has a 44 Bikes Titanium DEDBLO.

· Made right here at 44HQ in New Hampshire
· 3Al-2.5V Titanium
· Choose anodized fades in Purple, Blue, Aqua, Bourbon, and RAW finishes
· Replaceable LIXIE head made in Central Falls, RI
· Custom in-house turned & domed brass head (Same thread as the LIXIE head)
· Replaceable Wolftooth Components grip made in the USA
· 10″ / 254mm long handle
· 3.25″ Length x 1.25″ OD [72.6mm x 31.8mm] Head (includes removable heads)
· Weight: 0.875  lbs /  14oz [.4kg / 397g]
· Limited Quantities for the discerning tool aficionado


Every shop has a hammer.  But not every shop has a 44 Bikes Titanium DEDBLO.  Made right here at 44HQ in New Hampshire out of 3Al-2.5V Titanium, and anodized with a careful selection of fades or RAW finishes, these hammers are meant for the discerning tool aficionado.  They come with a soft orange replaceable head and a removable domed brass head.   The replaceable heads are made in Central Falls, RI from the venerable Lixie Hammer Company.  The brass head shares the same 5/6″-18 threaded insert so you can replace it with another LIXIE head of your choice.  The grips are made in the USA for Wolftooth Bicycle Components.  All components have been carefully selected for their fit and finish.  The 44 DEDBLO has a 10″ handle and weighs approximately 0.875  lbs /  14oz [.4kg / 397g].  This one’s sure to turn heads and is a big flex with that co-worker at the shop.  *Limited quantities.  One DEDBLO per order!

International Customers: Please email me directly khenry@44bikes.com for a quote for shipping if you can’t choose a shipping method for your location.

*These are limited quantities.  I will be making batches of 10 Ti Hammers at a time.  I appreciate your patience as I worked through each batch.  Once these sell out, rest assured another batch of 10 will move through the shop!

Care instructions: If the anodizing begins to look dull or not as radiant, remove both the LIXIE and Brass heads, and simply clean the head and handle with Simple Green in warm water.  Dry with a clean rag or paper towel.  Apply a light amount of Windex glass cleaner (the ORIGINAL formula) either directly to the hammer or to a paper towel, and wipe down all exposed surfaces.  Allow it to flash and dry.  This should restore the finish to its glow.  Please note that anodizing on titanium is susceptible to oils.  It will not harm or damage the finish but it will dull it immediately.  Follow the care instructions above.  Also please note that although it is durable and a protective oxide layer, it can be abraded/scratched.  Again, this will not harm the hammer or the material, but be mindful of abrasive surfaces.  This one’s meant to use, so don’t hesitate to bust out the DEDBLO in any situation.

Replace the polyurethane Lixie head as needed with your choice of durometer (they are color-coded and available from McMaster-Carr.)  The thread is 5/16″-18 and the head has a 1.25″ OD.  The grip is replaceable as well so any common bicycle grip will work.  Choose your favorite grip as a replacement!

*EDITORS NOTE: Thanks for everyone’s patience and support.  Material is inbound for the next batch.  So hang tight while the next batch goes through production.  If you aren’t, follow my Instagram account for updates when the next batch will drop @44bikes.  I’ll be sure to let everyone know well ahead of time when the next drop date approaches.  As always, feel free to email me anytime with questions: khenry@44bikes.com

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 2 in

Anodized Aqua Fade, Anodized Blue Fade, Anodized Bourbon Fade, Anodized Purple Blue Fade, Anodized Purple Fade, RAW Titanium

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