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FAB 5 FRIDAYS standard

03082 Playlist : Psychedelic Furs Kid Dangerous on Deck. Not to be Messed with. Editor’s Note: In the past, I’ve posted every Friday at V-Salon in the “Friday Night Lights” subforum consistently for over 3 years. After much thought and inner dialog, I’ve decided to pull that weekly content here: FAB 5 Fridays lives on but right here where it belongs at 44HQ. I’ll occasionally post in FNL in the future when I have something extra-ordinary, but for the most part, if you want to see my work, you’ll have to come here for exclusive content. Of course, you can always follow me on Instagram (, and you can see what I’m up to via Flickr for big man sized ...

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Ride at 5 standard

The majority of my rides happen at the end of the day. I try and get out earlier on the weekends, but some times I get out later yet again on the weekends. Today, well.. that was one of those Saturday’s where the day went by and I still hadn’t managed to get out the door for a ride. I was building up a new single speed most of the afternoon after doing some chores around the house. The plan was to build it, and take it for the afternoon ride. Well, the rear brake line needed to be bled and of course… when I stood back and looked the rear brake line was “just too short” for my liking. ...

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Gold standard

Over the past few seasons, I’ve gathered that a bunch of TIG Welders follow me on Instagram. One comment I have been getting a lot of lately is “You need to get yourself a gold filter!”. Ok. I’ve been informed! I’ve been TIG Welding now for some 20 years and never really thought much of changing the lens which is a stock No. 10. Some swear by a No. 9. You get used to what you’re used to I suppose and in this case, I was used to what I was used to. But with this encouragement from fellow welders, I decided to track down a gold filter. But where to start. I knew nothing about said gold filter. All ...

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44 Bikes X What’s in a Logo? standard

I was recently asked a question online about my logo and how it was created. Honestly, it’s a lengthy project to create a good brand identity. Yes, this can happen literally over night, but a well designed and refined logo takes time, thought and planning. To put things into a context, here’s the question: “We’ve said it in countless ways on here but thank you for sharing so much about your process. I know this is a garage/shop forum but I’d be interested in seeing your process for the logo creation.” Rather than reinvent the wheel, I decided to repost all of my response in it’s entirety here for all to read. The original response is here. Thanks for the ...

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Saturday Solo Ride standard

I try and get a longer ride in every so often. Well, longer for me vs the approximate 5 mile stomps I typically take at the end of each work day, which usually comes to about 45 minutes worth of riding. I made some calls but didn’t get any takers. No worries, they were to miss out. Ride starts from the front doors and in about 50 yards you’re on dirt roads pretty much till you come to the first trail head. My plan was to hook up two different spots I frequent (Affectionately dubbed “Dales Trails” and “Sayers Loop”) and then, head over to Sheldon’s neck of the woods in search of his new trail. I bump into one ...

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Proud Customer standard

My parents were up this weekend for a visit. Leading up to the date, I was prepping a bike for my Dad. When I built the next version of my own fat bike, I made some upgrades that left me with essentially a parts kit for another bike… I was originally going to sell everything off but I got to thinking. My Dad had been really curious about my fat bike and speaking with him, I got the hunch that perhaps the Plus sized tires would actually be right up his alley. He does a lot of mixed terrain, some single track but he also needs something to take him off the beaten path to access some lake shore lines ...

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The Eagle Has Landed standard

44TSB-1 44 Bikes Technical Service Bulletin No. 1 : Attention all clients of the past. For immediate release, an official 44 Bikes Decal Kit of your choosing in Black, White, Silver, Red or Blue. (Gold is a special reserve stock for special projects temporarily until we can get more printed). Please contact me directly, contact information via my website if you would like a kit to replace your existing Vinyl decals! Huntsman’s get the large SICK & Single Decal Kit, mountain bikes/fat bikes get the Double Trouble Down Tube Kit. I’ll include the 44 Bikes HT Decal for your car, coffee cup, computer or tool box. I’ll ship these out with special instructions for placement guidelines. Free of charge. These ...

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