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Testing Resolve standard

Two years ago, I was approached to help generate some new ideas, raise awareness and pull in fresh faces to raise money for the purchase and preservation of a local mountain here in Southern NH: Rose Mountain. The result was The Rose Mountain Rumble (RMR). About 30 riders participated in 2015 and we raised about $700 to aid in the successful purchase of the mountain by a local conservation organization, The Piscataquog Land Conservancy (PLC). Small in comparison to other donors but every little bit helps. We decided to make it an annual event to benefit my small home town of Lyndeborough and surrounding towns of the Piscataquog Watershed which the PLC looks to protect. This past August 27th of ...

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Logging standard

New Hampshire’s no stranger to the lumberjack. According to some sources of history, over 80% of NH was clear cut at one point or another. I want to say we’re either the 2nd or 3rd most forested state these days? But New Hamsphire has always been home to logging practices. In technical jargon, many land owners have what are referred to as “Wildlife Management Plans” or some sort of happy feeling word smithing that seems pretty innocent and fun to the outsider. What I’ve come to learn is this: Logging is going to take place. It’s only a matter of time and just get ready for it. Some do it responsibly, and some well… you can see that there wasn’t ...

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Shop Improvements! standard

Every time I start a new project be it for the shop or our house… I’ve got to haul a myriad of tools and equipment from all points of the compass. Stuff up at the house and stuff down in the shop needs to be dragged one way or another before I can start the project. Some times this can be up to an hour of set up time and subsequently, an hour of clean up depending on the weather. So that’s up to 2 hours lost each day I work on something. I had left the back of the shop open and vacant as I knew I wanted to create a dedicated space for a small modest wood shop. ...

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Let’s go for a ride… standard

It never fails. New bike days still are the most exciting days for me. I dropped off the new Marauder prototype this past Tuesday and got the call Friday from my boys at Rev Limit Auto: “Frame’s done and she’s MINT.” Garrett knows how to deliver. So a quick drive over to Merrimack, NH and I was excited for the weekend (maybe more so than my usual excitement for the weekend). I was going to build it up Friday evening but decided I’d like to take my time with a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning after breakfast in the Bike Dojo. So that’s what I did. This one’s built as a Single Speed with an option for a ...

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First Bicycle Ride! standard

Despite the picture above and the ears down, Kaya was quite excited to go for her first bicycle ride post surgery. You see… My dogs on the sensitive side. Maybe it’s the fact she has an unknown past being a rescue or maybe it’s just her. But we wanted to take a picture to mark the occasion and I had to call her back from the car to snap a picture. So I think she thought she wasn’t going but I reassured her “YES INDEED YOU ARE GOING. I promise.” But what a joy to watch my pup sprint ahead of me at full tilt. She loves to run and loves to go for rides with us. A little back ...

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Ideas standard

So today was or rather still is April 1st. Aptly named “April Fools Day”. The cycling industry has a habit of putting out some fun stuff to honor this, once a year calendar date where no one hopefully takes themselves too seriously. Honestly, Industry 9’s mud pit was pretty hilarious in 2015. I had photoshopped a chopper version of my fat bike and had a few questions about how I overcome pedal strike… I had to point out the date to a few. This years edition? Well here she is: “For Immediate Release: 44 Bikes is proud to announce a whole new level of Standard to the Bicycle Industry. With the ever increasing complexity and choices available today in brake ...

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TA or QR? standard

A while back, Shimano and Fox teamed up to create the 15mm TA standard for suspension forks. (EDIT: More to that point of history, check out this article over on NSMB from 2010.) Up till then, Rock Shox had pioneered the 20mm thru axle, but these forks were really biased towards the freeride or DH segments. Shimano and Fox teamed up because there was a need for a fork that was both light and stiff, but not necessarily as stiff as a DH fork and certainly not as light as a XC racing rig. I like to call this a “Mountain Bike”. Remember those? So before all this 15mm TA business happened, I was still riding 26″ mountain bikes, and ...

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