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Back to School standard

No matter what day of the week it is, no matter what year or how old I am… when I hear people talking about “back to school”, what immediately pops into my head is my first day of first grade. Man was I excited and boy was I nervous as “all get out”. There was this anticipation of something big happening. That first big day. Something big was about to start: My education! Up to this point, I had been listening to stories from Poppy or my Dad or my Mom or Gram or Grandmom about their days in school. What kind of made it different though was the fact that pretty much ALL of my relatives, not just my ...

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Marauder // Back in Black Build Check standard

Up above is Keith’s Marauder in that “team issue” satin black powder coat, aka Black Magic or as I like to say “Back in Black. This one sports Paragon Machine Works’ hooded sliders so he has the option to run this rig as a 1×11 or as a single speed. If in time he’d like to try a dropper, there’s routing for that too thanks to Paragon’s triple stop braze on. As you’ve read before, the Marauder is my take on a classic New England hard tail mountain bike. Low slung, short rear with room for 2.4″ tires, aggressive geometry and a few modern touches to get you down and in the bike. When I say short, this one has ...

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Tested // Marauder + WTB KOM i29 standard

Back in 2006, I purchased my first 29er wheel set and frame (a Surly Karate Monkey). The wheels were a pair of Salsa 29er Delgado’s laced to a set of DT Swiss 240’s which had a width of somewhere in the 30mm range. What I loved about these rims was their width was a touch wider and that really helped to spread the tire casing to give you overall a really different ride quality. Shortly after this, Salsa introduced their Gordo 29er rim which had a 35mm width. I built a second set of wheels using the Gordo’s laced to another set of DT Swiss 240’s and given that extra width, the ride quality was even more comfortable. What I ...

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