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Stable in Review standard

Every year I dedicate a certain amount of time on the build list to prototype my own bikes to update geometry tweaks, improve handling, try new set ups and overall refine the ride. This past year of 2015 was no exception where I built new prototypes of my Huntsman, my Kid Dangerous 1×11 mountain bike and my own personal Marauder SS with an option to run it as a 1×11 and with a 30.9 dropper. So let’s roll up our sleeves and review what changes I made and why I made them. One of the biggest changes was the move to front and rear thru axles on all of these bikes. First up is the Marauder. Many ask me what ...

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Ancient History standard

“Over the hill and through the woods…” That saying rang true the better part of my childhood, through my teenage years and well past my 20’s and 30’s. You see, my Grandmom (Mother’s Mother – Anna Mae Malasky), literally lived over a hill and basically through the woods. And you’d go to see Grandmothers house. My Grandpop built the house on what remained of the Malasky Farm which had been claimed by eminent domain when the Suburban Water Company had built what is now the Reservoir just outside of East Greenville, Pennsburg and Red Hill, PA. The Malasky Farm along with a whole host of other farms situated along the banks of the Perkiomen River were all claimed by the ...

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44 Bikes X Radavist standard

This past spring I had contacted John Watson about sending him a bike for review. He was down so I scheduled the build to arrive at his doorstep in July this past summer for him to begin the review process. Being that this was formally my first bike out for any sort of test or review, I wanted to give John the best possible experience out on the trail. That meant taking him through the custom process. It did not make sense to build a bike that was fitted to me or pick a common size that I could sell at a later date after the review. John just wouldn’t get the most out of the time reviewing the bike ...

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Huntsman “Super Trail” standard

When we first moved to NH in 2006, the very first thing that became completely evident was just how many well groomed dirt roads were available at my fingertips. At the time I had a single speed mountain bike and a Kona Kula made out of Reynolds 853 sporting 25mm tires. And it immediately was obvious that the narrow paved roads with little to no shoulder were not going to be the safest way to ride. I’d head out for a ride on my mountain bike and ride the dirt roads to trail heads and if I bumped into 1 car in 5-10 miles it was an event. So this got me to thinking: What if I had a road ...

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