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Huntsman SS : The Running Game… standard

In a previous life, I played some ball. It was that segment of my early life that I really pushed myself physically to the limits, strove to be the best that I could be. All the while just in a small town, on a small team. When I went to college, I decided to leave all that behind and take on a new path. One seeking education, mental enrichment and skill development. Physically I had already proven myself to myself. Artistically, I felt I had a lifetime’s work ahead of me. One thing I carried with me was the Running Game. The one that’s about inches. Slow and steady. Constant work in the hopes to bust out the big play ...

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Not Spring. Winter standard

So far this winter we haven’t had a lot of snow. What we have been getting are some pretty brutally cold days. (The Farmers’ Almanac called for a long cold winter…). With that cold we’ve also had erratic weather at best. One minute it’s 0 degree’s out, the next you could wear shorts and it’s sunny. Snow melting… then clouding over, raining heavily only to change over to snowing. Heavily. And back to square one. So conditions have been good then really bad. So getting out for rides on roads has been a challenge to say the least. I do not own a trainer and that complicates things. I’ve been getting a lot of invites for events this spring… Maybe ...

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Finishing Matt’s Huntsman SS standard

So a few weeks back in the middle of Matt’s Huntsman I got the flu which knocked me off my feet for a week. Back at it and finished up his build. So there was a bit of stop and start with this build before it was off to the powder shop. Things came together smoothly despite the week off. What was tricky about this build for me was that it was a singlespeed and sports fenders – so hitting the mark for positioning of the fender mounts was a nice challenge but also working in enough wiggle room to remove the wheel was equally as challenging. I think we hit things “just so”. This will be Matt’s daily driver ...

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