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From the Archive: Mtn. Bike Mag – Dec/Jan 2000 standard

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. I was interning at Bicycling Magazine under my now good friend Chris Neyen who was at the time, the Graphic Designer at Bicycling. I met him on the trail of all places on South Mtn. one afternoon. One thing led to another during conversation and he insisted I come in for an interview. As I was helping out with graphic elements of the magazine and such, Rodale needed a rider for some shoots and I agreed to take my bike out and ride around. Ride back and forth while someone takes some pictures? I’M IN. Paid to ride your bike. Not a bad gig. Well, all along this time I ...

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Featured Shop @ The Garage Journal standard

As I was doing research for my shop build, specifically insulation if I recall, when I came across this wonderful site: The Garage Journal. It’s a website dedicated to garages that have been turned into shop spaces. To be read: Man Caves. Some are just that, others are custom speed shops and others are home to tinkerers, fabricators or just a guy looking for some space to make. What drew me in was the vast resource of knowledge that everyone had as well as the inspiration for my own shop build. I decided that once I had enough done, I would post up my own build and see what others thought. The response has been great and it’s been even ...

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2011 :: A year in Review standard

Put 2011 in the books. Looking back it’s been quite a “ride” indeed. Lots of riding, even more hammering nails, making chips, cutting tubes, and beyond. I was looking for an image for some design related work earlier this week and stumbled on this one: I had to laugh. That was last fall. Here she is in all her glory this past fall: That of course brought me to these: That’s an absolute shit-ton of work… I can’t even believe I did that much since I first started pulling down the walls in April of 2011. It just makes me step back and shake my head in disbelief in my own discipline and hard work. Once things were relatively complete ...

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