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Monthly Archives: June 2011

  • 2×3=6

    6.24.2011 / 5:31pm: I get the call on friday: The new windows are installed, come get the 6 they replaced. 6.24.2011 / 5:35pm: A plan is hatched to pick them up from there former bosom. Option 1: Arrange pickup of U-Haul man-van at destination. Price: $264.00 not including gas… Option 2: Arrange pickup of U-Haul …

  • Shop Update: 6.20.2011 REDUX

    Wow… Just look at those hunks of OSB. All lined up like good workers gettin’ the job done. So that’s off the list finally. Next up is run the line for power, set up the main breaker for the shop and do all the preliminary wiring for this side of the shop. Going to do …

  • Shop update 6.20.2011

    Big update: The North facing wall is finished. We’re having some consistent stretches of weather now so I can get out for the entire day and work. Moving onto the South facing wall next. There is some interesting news in the works for this side of the shop. The North wall faces a steep incline …

  • Chop-Shop Progress 6.15.2011

    Funny what you find along the way as you’re doing work on previously owned “establishments”. My guess is they were rockin’ out to “Men At Work” when they built this barn. That’s my best guess. “Who can it beeeee now…” Insert Saxophone solo. 3pm rolled around today and it was time to take advantage of …

  • Dake Arbor Press No. 001 Redux

    Recently scored a Dake Arbor Press No. 001 locally. The thing was an ABSOLUTE mess. Caked on grease, machine oil and caked with chips. It was mounted to a steel plate that weighed more than the press. Over a lunch break at the studio I decided to pull her apart and see what I could …

  • Tuesday Night Ride / Shop Update 6.14.2011

    Went for a much needed ride tonight in Greenfield, NH. Came up on a crossroads in the trail system maintained by the Greenfield Trails Association and heard some hootin’ -n- hollerin’ off in the distance. I decided to wait and see if it was the GTA out on one of their weekly rides and sure …

  • IN THE FIELD: Log Ride. Exeter, NH

    Good friend and customer #4 Franky sharing an image of him riding a log in Exeter, NH. He’s putting his 44 Kid Dangerous to good use. I’ve ridden here and it’s a blast. If you have not been I highly recommend this area. Very technical and you can easily spend a long day here getting …

  • You Guessed it.

    I’m a big fan of Spaghetti Westerns and Starrett Holesaws. Both build Clint Eastwood tough. Tubes beware. Gettin’ closer. Full update coming shortly on shop progress. Until then keep your pantyhose on… You Guessed it., originally uploaded by BLACK CAP Studio.

  • Mandatory Viewing: John Cho Moore

    Beauty Through Bamboo from Turnstyle Video on Vimeo.

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