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44 26f standard

So I think I’m just going to start calling bikes by their wheelsizes. A additional letter will denote a special quality about them. So say a 44 29er with straight seat curves would be referred to as a 44 29s. A 44 26 with a flaired seat tubes would be a 44 26f. Makes it really quick for me to reference documents and associated tech drawings. So what i’m working on now is a 44 26f for myself. The one I made for my wife Lynn turned out pretty nice-and now I think I’m making one for myself. Love the big wheels, but I have to say there is still something much more playful about a pair of 26″ hoops. ...

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FINISHED standard

Finished the seatstays, and brazed up all the jewelry. 71/73 for tight singletrack handling, 15.9″ stays, 12″ bottom bracket height, loads of standover and lots of tire clearance. Ready to go to paint later this week. Gloss black with stainless badges as always..

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