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Back to School Jammer Kit


Back to School Jammer Kit. This is old school cool, kids.

What’s Included:
· 1 x Genuine Shred Pin
· 1 x 44 Patch Made by Falls Creek Outfitters
· 3 x Stickers (44 Logo, A Duck Riding a Lightning Bolt and 44 Mudra)
· Free Bonus Snake Oil Detection Kit. Some assembly is required.

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Every summer, sometime in August, my Mom would take us school shopping at the Reading Outlets. New shoes. New pants. New shirts. The summer destroyed my shoes, my shirts and my pants (which were cut off into shorts). Then it was over to Ames to stock up on pencils, erasers, lined notebook paper, and trapper keepers. And then, when I’d get home… it was time to customize. I had a sticker collection and I’d carefully select a few to festoon my fancy new school supplies. School’s always just around the corner when you’re a kid. I always knew it was almost that time of year again when they’d paint the curbs on the corners of good ol’Jefferson Street yellow… That’s when the panic and cold sweat would set in! But fear not kids. School doesn’t have to be boring. So that’s why I put together this Back to School Jammer Kit. You get 3 super cool stickers, a pin, and your very own patch. And these aren’t you’re typical stickers. These babies are waterproof and can take the blazing sun out at recess. Heck, they can even go through the dishwasher. The Shred pin? It’s not bulletproof but it’ll remind you when the bell rings to saddle up and get the heck out of dodge. That patch adds a good 5 horsepower and is sure to impress the ladies. And just like a wise man said, always look on the back of cool shit: That’s where the bonus Snake Oil Detection Kit is. Cut on the dotted lines, and see through the bullshit. Mom and Dad might approve. Definitely dresses up just about anything. You need this.

Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions 10 × .125 × 6 in

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