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Lessons in Plaster standard

I want to say it was my second year at Penn State which would be the fall of 1996. I still hadn’t discovered that whole industrial design thing which would eventually lead me to the Rhode Island School of Design’s I.D. Department. It’s funny how chance encounters can lead you in a new direction. But I had “reorganized” my pursuit of my education and had fully committed to Penn State’s School of Arts and Architecture. (I had originally declared my major in Biology…). It was a change in direction. I was feeling really inspired but a bit let down I had not gotten into the School of Architecture which I had applied to in my Freshman year. Actually, that was ...

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What Season? Hunting Season! standard

Every year, with the coming of fall I’m looking to the state’s resources on when one particular season starts: Hunting Season. And we’ve got our fair share of seasons up here in the Great State of New Hampshire. It runs the gamut with Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, but then there’s those pesky intermediate seasons like Black Fly Season. Or Mosquito Season. Or Horsefly Season. Or Mud Season. Grilling Season. And of Scotch Season! But each state has outlined on their Fish and Game website’s when Hunting Season starts and stops and of course there are different layers of what kinds of game and “artillery” us Mountain Bikers’ need to be aware of when in the woods. And I think ...

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