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TA or QR? standard

A while back, Shimano and Fox teamed up to create the 15mm TA standard for suspension forks. (EDIT: More to that point of history, check out this article over on NSMB from 2010.) Up till then, Rock Shox had pioneered the 20mm thru axle, but these forks were really biased towards the freeride or DH segments. Shimano and Fox teamed up because there was a need for a fork that was both light and stiff, but not necessarily as stiff as a DH fork and certainly not as light as a XC racing rig. I like to call this a “Mountain Bike”. Remember those? So before all this 15mm TA business happened, I was still riding 26″ mountain bikes, and ...

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Shimano XTR or Sram XX1? standard

I was asked online what I thought were the biggest differences between XTR and XX1 recently. I answered the question but thought I could expand on that short answer here in greater detail. Honestly, XTR and XX1 are just THAT good. It’s really, really tough to pick one over the other. It boils down to some fine points and preferences for how some of these groups work which are actually the deciding factors between one over the other. I’ve had sufficient time on both Sram’s XX1 on my fat bike in some pretty harsh conditions as well as it’s equivalent on the road side with Force CX1. And I’ve had sufficient time on Shimano’s XTR M9000 group to be able ...

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