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Back in the Saddle… standard

With all that time on the lathe, it’s time to get back to making some bikes. First up is a hard tail 29er… I had not welding in about a month. Things can get rusty when you don’t persist. I found it was a little like riding a bike? But I’m glad I didn’t forget anything… I have to admit I love welding. I’ve said it a bunch of times I know, but unfortunately it’s the shortest task in the whole process. So I get all jazzed when it’s time to weld. Getting ready to tack up the seat stays: And adding some heat after the jig was removed which held the stays in place while tacking them in place: ...

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I like ’em Round… standard

So the South Bend Heavy 10 is in the shop and she’s been put back into service. “Rescued” as I like to say. She’s been making chips. First couple projects were updating a bunch of purged heat sinks. The more I build, the more I look to refine my process. These are the result of building, using tools and then modifying them or creating work arounds in the mean time. Well, now that I have a lathe, I can start expediting these process refinements. First up was a set of head tube heat sinks, purged and meant for 44mm head tubes. I use Paragon Machine Works head tubes which come in a variety of lengths. I have one existing 4″ ...

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