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Fistful of FAT standard

So with the coming of winter, I always start thinking about fat bike adventures out in the snow. I know a lot of you out there roll FAT 24/7, 365 days a year, but for me it happens honestly with the coming of the winter snow season. The beginning of this winter started out with a good bang with lots of fresh powder. Of late that’s been getting kaibashed by a lot of oddly warm temps and rain that seems out of place. Earlier this fall I started with a concept of 1 bike that takes Fat wheels as well as 29+ and that seemed to get some attention. My own motivation was to attempt to get a bit more ...

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Happy New Year standard

Happy New Year, a photo by 44 Bikes on Flickr. To all my clients past, present and future, fans, and fellow shredders: you helped 2013 be better with more than double the production. Let’s make 2014 even better! Without all of your help and encouragement, I would not be where I am today. So from the bottom of my heart: Thank you!

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