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The Lovely D.E.B. : Studio Hotness standard

First a huge thank you to Richard Sachs for giving me the nod to build his wife, The Lovely Deb, a custom bicycle built for all seasons and conditions. It was truly an honor and a joy to work with him on this project. I’ve been meaning to get a new backdrop to take more “studio” shots of the complete bikes, and this was all the excuse I needed for the much needed replacement to my tired (and torn) backdrop. Here’s what we came up with: The tale starts with an email, followed by a phone call to hash out the details. The commission originally called for a flat bar-ish commuter setup. This had me first thinking either a 650b ...

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The Lovely Deb’s 44 Huntsman standard

I finished up the build for Deb earlier this weekend. Had a lot of fun putting this one together and it was a pleasure to work with Richard Sachs on this build for his wife. More pics to follow as there is a rack/bag to match for her commuting needs. And again just as a reminder, I’ve put together a Process Look Book that can be viewed online at ISSUU or downloaded directly from the 44 Bikes website. For all to enjoy the process of building Deb’s bike from start to finish.

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29+ Thoughts standard

The latest build I’m working on right now is a 29+. I’ve been curious about this wheelsize as I really enjoy my fat bike. Naturally before I began the build, I needed some visual references before I started to see just where the wheelsize sat on existing bikes (even if it did not fit, I still wanted to see it in 3D). So that took me here: Which of course had me hankerin’ to build up a set of 29+ specific wheels. I had just sold a lot of spare parts from the bin, so that made that decision relatively easy (not to mention I had a Paul Whub sitting here wanting to be built). So I laced up a ...

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TLD Back in Black standard

So The Lovely Deb’s frame came back from paint via Circle A Cycles in Providence Ri. Color scheme is gloss black, cream bands with opposing cream, black and silver stripes. Lucky No. 13.14. I’m prepping and assembling her as I type these words (tea break over here right now as I’ve had a long day and haven’t had lunch). I’ll let the pictures do the talking and the walking. Also for your enjoyment, I churned out a Process Book that can be downloaded directly from the 44 Bikes website here OR if you’d like to view it online, you can see it here via ISSUU. If you do go to the direct download, just know that the pdf is 17mb ...

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Next up: 29+ standard

So after those experiments with existing builds and 29+ wheels, I’ve got my drawing for my client dialed, the parts spec is finished and it’s time to “make some chips”. Here’s pretty much everything that will eventually look like a bicycle: And we’re headed into outer space with this one. Space is the place. It’s been BRIM UP the past few days here at 44HQ. This is when shit needs gettin’ done. The brim gets flipped… I was finding the edge of the top tube in this pic using a simple tool “The Edge Finder”. Basically this version is a .375″ cylinder with a tip that is spring loaded which has a diameter of .2″ (specifically the Starrett No. 278a). ...

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Riding and reviewing the next build in line: 29+ standard

Been out enjoying 2013’s edition of Fall. One of my favorite times of the year. Of course it comes and goes before you can blink your eye but I love the changing of the seasons. Not to mention that means snow is just around the corner… and fat biking abounds. In preparation of the next build, I’ve been doing a bit of research and experiments here at 44HQ. I like to visualize builds sometimes and having a quiver of bikes to reference really helps. It’s one thing to take measurements, do a drawing and think all is good. But it’s something totally different to have parts in hand, build things up and see first hand where everything falls into place. ...

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Singlespeed in the Works standard

Next up is a singlespeed for myself and will most likely be hanging out in my booth #296 at NAHBS this year in 2014. When it’s time for an update of one of my personal rigs, I typically slot them in months ahead of time. So when it’s my own turn in the list, it’s really nice to build for yourself and let the process unfold naturally. It’s also a time to hone craft, apply new methods and for me, relax because I’m building just for me. Waiting on a front brake from Shimano right now but I through one on from another build for the pics out in the woods. This one’s dedicated singlespeed unlike the previous version which ...

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Cam’s Huntsman all finished standard

Finished up Cam’s Huntsman last week and got her out the door. Cam’s had a chance to do a shake down ride too on one of his toughest routes. You can read up about that here. Here’s a few from the final build for you to ogle at. Enjoy. Build is Sram Force 22 (That’s Sram’s latest groupset and it’s 11 speed for the bicycle component junky impaired). I built another very similar to this one for a client earlier this year. One thing I did slightly different was I did not use a front derailleur braze-on mount. This allowed for a bit more of extra fine tuning of the front derailleur in relation with the chainrings and cogset. After ...

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