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Monthly Archives: August 2013

  • At the Races : Savage CX!

    Client and 44 Bikes Trail Fugitive Rider Yuri on his cobbled together “Cross” 29er… A while back I was approached by a friend of a friend via First Flight Bicycles in Statesville North Carolina to help out with some event promotion. (I had done FFB’s logo redesign too a while back along with many other …

  • Hampshire 100 : Post Race Thoughts

    My number for the day: #292 (A numeric palindrome if you will). August 18, 2013 I entered my first race, ever: The Hampshire 100. From what I’ve heard and read, this is a course to be respected and that’s no joke. Truth be told, and having experienced the entire event and knowing what my own …

  • Huntsman : Back from Powder in Color Pictures

  • 29er Finished and Off to Powder

    So my primary mountain bike (a 29er) developed a problem with the non-driveside dropout. It seems that somewhere along the line, the dropout interface with the axle has widened a bit. Not sure how that happened or if it has anything to do with a wheelset’s non-drive side bearing adjustment cap coming loose during a …

  • Tony’s 650b in Pictures

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