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At the Races : Savage CX! standard

Client and 44 Bikes Trail Fugitive Rider Yuri on his cobbled together “Cross” 29er… A while back I was approached by a friend of a friend via First Flight Bicycles in Statesville North Carolina to help out with some event promotion. (I had done FFB’s logo redesign too a while back along with many other design projects too – great shop though kids, check it out!). But with regards to the later, one event led to the next and before you knew it well… I was designing Cam’s event production company’s logo: Blue Mountain Revival! The above shot was taken from this past weekend’s Savage CX. I lent my design hand with regards to the poster and promotion. The event ...

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Hampshire 100 : Post Race Thoughts standard

My number for the day: #292 (A numeric palindrome if you will). August 18, 2013 I entered my first race, ever: The Hampshire 100. From what I’ve heard and read, this is a course to be respected and that’s no joke. Truth be told, and having experienced the entire event and knowing what my own personal strengths are from a technical perspective, I did not find anything on the course over my head or ability. I dealt myself a hand early on that I had to deal with from 20 miles on which was interesting (I’ll get into that one later). The course was superbly marked, set up was amazing, support was top notch and the care that the race ...

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29er Finished and Off to Powder standard

So my primary mountain bike (a 29er) developed a problem with the non-driveside dropout. It seems that somewhere along the line, the dropout interface with the axle has widened a bit. Not sure how that happened or if it has anything to do with a wheelset’s non-drive side bearing adjustment cap coming loose during a long ride (and subsequently thrashing all 4 bearings in the process of which I had to replace). I’m speculating, but perhaps when that cap came loose, it create play and allowed things to rock and wallow things out just a bit (either dropout, axle or both). Could that dropout’s steel composition been a bit off? Who knows – but a problem has developed. But under ...

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