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FAT FALL standard

Took the evening after working on a new build for a client here in the Granite State to climb up to the top of Winn Mtn. which is about 3-4 miles from the shop doors on dirt roads and trail to the summit (1650ft – not too bad for behind the shop!). Was a beautiful evening with some spectacular views of the fall foliage as it’s beginning to pass. I’m very lucky to have such a spot so close. The top is a great place to just sit and soak it all in and think about the days work, where you’ve been and what’s in store for the future. And spend some time with good buddies.

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How it’s Done standard

Put together a set over on my Flickr account of how I make a custom frame from start to finish. It’s a set that spans a bunch of different builds depicting as many of the steps as I have on hand at the moment. As I take additional photos that cover small parts I’ve skipped, I’ll be sure to add them to the set. Check it out here!

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New England Builders Ball in Review standard

So a few weeks ago I attended the New England Builders Ball. Overall a great experience and a wonderful event. I hope to be there next year if it continues into a 3rd year (Which it sounds like it will be!). Eric Weis put together one heck of an effort to get all of the builders in the door so my hat goes off to him for all his hard work. It was great meeting so many wonderful people, shaking hands and handing out plenty of stickers/cards. For all that swung by, it was great meeting you and I hope to see you all again soon! It was also a bit surreal to meet a bunch of the builders who’s ...

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