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Monthly Archives: October 2012


    Earthquakes and Hurricanes… You can’t stop me! Back at it now that power is back. More soon kids… DSC_5975, originally uploaded by 44 Bikes.

  • In the shop…

    Viva Welding! Welding up Brett’s Fixie, originally uploaded by 44 Bikes.


    Took the evening after working on a new build for a client here in the Granite State to climb up to the top of Winn Mtn. which is about 3-4 miles from the shop doors on dirt roads and trail to the summit (1650ft – not too bad for behind the shop!). Was a beautiful …

  • How it’s Done

    Put together a set over on my Flickr account of how I make a custom frame from start to finish. It’s a set that spans a bunch of different builds depicting as many of the steps as I have on hand at the moment. As I take additional photos that cover small parts I’ve skipped, …

  • New England Builders Ball in Review

    So a few weeks ago I attended the New England Builders Ball. Overall a great experience and a wonderful event. I hope to be there next year if it continues into a 3rd year (Which it sounds like it will be!). Eric Weis put together one heck of an effort to get all of the …

  • Paul Rhub 170mm

    Paul Rhub 170mm, originally uploaded by 44 Bikes.

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