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Monthly Archives: December 2011

  • Rock Gardening

    Rock Gardening a video by 44 Bikes on Flickr. Was home for the holidays this past weekend. Back at the shop today swinging a hammer getting the ceiling ready for a much needed buttoning up and winter proofing. I.E. Operation Heat Retention! Here’s a short vid I took while at home on one of my …

  • Big Boy Triangle

    Main triangle stoke. Keep it under 100 kids… Big Boy Triangle, originally uploaded by 44 Bikes.

  • Sneakin’

    Sneakin’ up on the DT miter. I cut the miter at the head tube first and then sneak up on the DT / BB miter with a few passes. This avoids the time worn swear: “I’ve cut this tube twice and it’s still too short…” Sneakin’ , originally uploaded by 44 Bikes.

  • Top Tube-age

    A miter a day keeps the doctor away. Slow and steady kids (Unfortunately… It’s really busy in the studio right now so my hands are tied up during the day). Down tube action tomorrow and I’ll start the Seat Tube brace. Top Tube-age, originally uploaded by 44 Bikes.

  • Gettin’ There

    It’s pretty exciting to finally be using the tooling I spent so much time, energy and mind power on. Very gratifying I have to say. What is also fun is that each step of the way, I’m fine tuning things. Adding small parts. Tweaking others. It’s just great and I’m stoked. More soon… Gettin’ There, …

  • Walls

    Rock walls are all over the place in my neck of the woods. If you ride with me you’ll be riding over them, next to them and sometimes even traversing them. It’s the Granite State after all. Sleeves are still rolled up chipping away at the shop and juggling day job design muscle. Slow and …

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