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Shop Progress 7.19.2011 standard

Been working hard on the build-out of the shop. Took all last week off to dedicate to putting together the east facing wall. It basically included tearing down the two doors, a shoddy framed wall and window. I had to completely rebuild the wall and frame everything out. A lot of fun problem solving. Nothings ever square in old structures so I had to pull, push and hoist things back into true with a jack and 4×4 many times before a new stud wall could go up. Here’s a shot of before/after for the shop space: You can see the dramatic change that took place from this montage of images. To the left is planned a glass door, the last ...

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Shop Update: Windows in standard

Shop Update 7.6.2011: After a long 4 day weekend of swingin’ a hammer I got all 4 built out and in place. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun problem solving, and building something. I have to say, making things, anything at all is the shit. So gratifying. Here’s a shot from the inside when I had all the windows in before the ply went up: Worked pretty much 9am to 8pm each day. I was beat but happy. This next week I’ll be taking another week to myself to see if I can’t make a big push to finish up the eastern wall and finalize the interior stud wall that will divide the space for ...

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