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44 Bikes : 2014 Year in Review standard

2014 was a good year. Good year of riding. Good year of building. Good year of designing. To lay 2014 to rest, I’ve picked out a handful of builds that stuck out for me (all of them were good, don’t get me wrong!). These are tough choices to make I must admit. Each build I produce for the client is special in their own way. There are a few at paint right now that make the list… There’s a few frame set’s that easily could make the list, especially Greg’s Oranged out Huntsman. But these are “Builders’ Choice” I’d say for 2014 and they are in no particular order. These are just the ones that stuck out a little more ...

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44 Bikes : 1x Conversion How-To standard

I recently converted my wife’s 650b mountain bike to a 1×10 setup. With this conversion, we simplified her set up, dropped some weight and reduced some redundancy in gearing. I have a lot of people ask me how to convert a mountain bike’s drivetrain to a 1x setup, and I see a lot of the same questions coming online as well. So I’ve decided to kick-off a new series of “how-to’s” with a How to Convert your drivetrain to a 1x setup. Here’s her build as it sat post conversion: Overall, the conversion is rather simple. But what gets some people I think are some of the subtleties and the jargon involved. So let’s roll up our sleeves and get ...

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44 Bikes XXX FAT : My Ride · Part 2 standard

So by now you’ve hopefully read through PART 1 of this Fat Bike Saga. Welcome back – if you haven’t though, you really should read that first as it gives you some back story with where I have been, and how I came to arrive where I am now. Up above is where I am now and as noted in the previous post, below in the next 4 images is my Fat Bike Prototype #3. I rode this throughout the entire season of 2013. I built it using Paragon Machine Works Sliders to really hone in on chain stay length and wheelbase as it related to two different wheel sizes (5″ fat and 29+) as well as what happens when ...

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44 Bikes XXX FAT : My Ride · Part 1 standard

This will be the last installment of my “Why I build What I Build” series. This one is on my personal fat bike. To understand where I am today, and where I am headed actually with the next iteration of this monster, we need to discuss where it is I came from. I grew up in Pennsylvania, just north of Philadelphia in a small town named East Greenville. My home was a half a double located on good ol’Jefferson Street, exactly 1/2 mile from my front steps to the front steps of my middle school (Upper Perkiomen). The town is composed of the roman block system. Alleys, streets, a main street and of course lot’s of short cuts. These short ...

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44 Bikes MTN. SS XXX : My Ride standard

Originally, the 3rd installment of my “Why I build” series was going to be on my own personal fat bike. I’ve decided to shelve that one for a bit as I have some special updates for the 2015 Winter Season in order, which I think will be best addressed with the current build and compare it with the newer prototype. In contrast, many have sounded the alarm that they’re looking forward to my write up on my own personal singlespeed, so I decided the 3rd installment will be on my own personal singlespeed. So without any further delay, let’s roll up our sleeves and get right down to it… As you can see from the picture above, we’re looking at ...

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44 Bikes MTN Bike XXX : My Ride standard

Last week I took the reader on a detailed journey about my personal Huntsman build. This was an account of not only the “what” behind a build, but more importantly the WHY behind the choices I made from geometry, to set up and component selection. Seems this was well received so I’ve decided to do a second installment. This one is about my personal mountain bike (pictured above). Before I take you through the entire build piece by piece, let’s first talk about terrain and setting. This is the foundation from which I build literally from the ground up. This is also the discussion I have with each and every client. Here goes… Terrain. This is the stuff bikes are ...

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44 Bikes Huntsman XXX : My Ride standard

Over the course of any given week, I get a lot of inquiries about custom bicycles. One of the build’s that typically gets a lot of attention is the Huntsman. Many come to me because the stock offerings just don’t quite fit what it is they’re looking for, sometimes figuratively and other times literally. No matter what it is they are looking for, one thing rings true: Riders want versatility. They want to run fenders when it rains, they might want the option of running something as large as a 40mm tire, like the 40mm WTB Nano for example. They want disk brakes. They want 2×11, maybe 1x something. They want to run it hard on gravel during the weekends, ...

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