Howdy Partners. Been busy in the shop with bike construction, new tooling and up in the studio flexing those design muscles. Joe’s 29er is finished and arrived back from powder safe and sound. Here’s some shots of his SS / 1×10 which will be heading out to Arizona once our Fox fork comes in from backorder: (View the whole build set here)

Joe's 29er Hardtail finished! - How it's Done Step 61

Joe's 29er back from paint!

He requested his lucky number to be “444” on his seat tube badge:

Joe's 29er Badges

Mike’s 29er is pretty much just like Joe’s only a bit larger and will be flat black with gloss decals. This one’s headed to the great state of Massachusetts. Mike had a tough time settling on a color but when it came down to decision time, he rallied around flat black. Keep in mind, I had nothing to do with this… However, I do approve. Seems once people see either the flat black or Wet Black powder by that my powder coaters always have in stock, there’s no going back. It’s officially our “team” color. So if you want to be part of the larger family, go black. I don’t know what all this business is about “murdering” a bike. Black’s the kind of color you associate with Ninja’s, Johnny Cash, The Ramones, and general badassery. Mass murderer’s usually drive around in creepy man-vans, right? Anyway – let’s keep the association to things like Johnny Cash and badass trail shredding. Check out Mike’s 29er coming together : (View the full build set here)


Mike's Seat Stay Bridge all welded


Mike's 29er - Off to paint in the morning

You’ll note that Joe’s hardtail sports 2 water bottle bosses while Mike’s sports none. Mike likes a hydration pack while Joe prefers not to roll that way. Personally I like a Hydration Pack and all my personal builds don’t sport any (with the exception of my cross bike). Keeps things clean on the down tube.

Next up are actually two bikes headed to Switzerland. Patrick contacted me originally about a Big Boy Fat Bike and then a few weeks later had some trouble with a Carbon Niner which apparently is his 3rd he’s had trouble with. I got an email that stated “How would you like to build me two bikes?” This is the type of client everyone needs! Patrick’s been wonderful to work with giving me great feedback, an open line of communication and lots of enthusiasm. Really looking forward to starting his builds. All the parts from Paragon have been ordered this past friday and I’ll be calling Henry James first thing Monday to get his tubing on order so it has time to get here while I’m away visiting family in PA for Thannksgiving. Check out Patrick’s blogs here and here.