Finished up Deb’s Huntsman this past week as well as the matching rear rack. This will be the first frame I’ve made to date to get a liquid finish. I’ve never been opposed to liquid finishes, it’s just no one to date has actually requested it. Richard jumped at the chance once he learned I was not married to powder and told him of the above. We’ve got something slick cooking in the oven right now for Deb’s finish. Some small touches include keyed attachment points for the rack tabs – this takes the bolts out of sheer and makes for a bomber connection. I had to radius the “legs” to make room for the disc brake caliper in the rear so that is the reason the legs are a bit on the bow-legged side. Also pointed the rack fittings as a nod to Richards points on his dropouts. This will be built up with Sram Force 22, Stan’s wheels, ENVE Cross disc tapered fork, Thomson post, collar and stem among other small touches. I’ll let the pics do the rest of the talking. Enjoy.

The Lovely D.E.B.

TLD's Rack


Balanced of course…


Just to Be Sure

And all cleaned up…

Lovely D.E.B. All Cleaned UP

Lovely D.E.B. : RACK Mode

Lovely D.E.B. : SPEED Mode