I have the very fortunate opportunity to build bikes once a week beside Ted Wojcik. This is the Cincinnati Horizontal milling machine that does all the maintube mitering. It is a beast of a machine. The story goes that Ted won it at auction for next to nothing many years ago. If it didn’t sell, they were going to make it into a boat anchor.. The one thing wrong with it apparently was something to do with the feed for the table i believe. Ted opened her up to check inside and found the problem. Gave Cincinnati a call and identified the part that needed to be replaced, but the gentleman on the other side asked “now are you sure you want this?” “Yes, i do.” replied Ted. Again “you’re sure now..” Ted: “YES” The other end went silent for a bit “…because its about 1200 bucks.” That about ended that conversation as being a fabricator and knowing how to braze, Ted dug back into the machine, found the other half of the part and brazed it back together. That was about 17 years ago and she’s still making chips like no other. They don’t make them like they used to..