While I wait on tubes from the fine folks at Henry James, here’s a short story of my latest score. Every day or so I make a point of scanning the local Craigslist ads for anything hiding. I have a short list and you never know what pops up. So I was doing my little search the other night when low and behold a 15″x18″ Rockwell Inspection Plate shows up in all places but my hometown of Lyndeborough, NH. It crossed my mind that it might be someone I know. I emailed the gentleman and it turned out to be a buddy up the street! So a short car ride and a conversation on it’s history and now it’s in the shop. Apparently it was my bud’s fathers, who passed it along to him and he had no use for it so it sat.. waiting. Still in the original box and packed up with the original wax paper cover complete with thick coating of Cosmoline:

Original Paper

Kaya approves of this…

Chief Inspector on the Job

Now anyone who is worth their “Junkin” salt knows that almost as important as the junk is the junk the junk comes in. Always turn the box over. ALWAYS. Check out this little logo hiding in the corner. They don’t make’m like that anymore:

ALWAYS turn over the junk...

Here’s the label too – nice simple design layout:

Rockwell Catalog No. 640

Did a little research but really couldn’t pull any info on this plate or the history of the company. But it’s never been used, and the top is perfect. But it’s good enough for this guy that is for sure. Nice to have a precision plate for layout, scribing / transferring measurements etc.

And with the wait on tubes, I got out for a ride yesterday over lunch. It was still snowing lightly and the powder was fresh.

I smell it too Kaya...

Fresh Powder

Also made a little tool I’ve been meaning to make for a while: the “lucky number” stamp guide.

Lucky Number Punch Guide

The other good news is I have heat. Finally. Some small little things still to do to tighten up the building that I’ll take care of this weekend but it’s been very pleasant to work in a warm shop. This past weekend I insulated the ceiling. THAT was a job…


With the new heater, I also took the time to reorganize the shop and get things in order. So new setup and I’m diggin’ the flow:

Shop Reorganization : 2
More soon kids…