Thursday things really came together. Spent some time forming and mitering the seat stays. Wanted these to be a little special so I added the wishbone look.

Keeping them in plane takes some mind power. But after tacking up the chainstays, it was a weldfest on the mainframe finishing the HT/DT and Bottom Bracket junctions first.

Then finishing wrapping all the welds on the seat stays. Double checked alignment twice along the way and things were looking pretty good. Final check after all was welded up and things were still on target. Usually check this a few times throughout the process and tweak if necessary.

I’ve been getting better at using the heat to pull things back into alignment as I work. Finished up the welding and had some time left to miter/fit the chainstay bridge.

Mirrors the tires profile nicely with room for a 2.5 and then some…