V is for VADER

Next up is a singlespeed for myself and will most likely be hanging out in my booth #296 at NAHBS this year in 2014. When it’s time for an update of one of my personal rigs, I typically slot them in months ahead of time. So when it’s my own turn in the list, it’s really nice to build for yourself and let the process unfold naturally. It’s also a time to hone craft, apply new methods and for me, relax because I’m building just for me. Waiting on a front brake from Shimano right now but I through one on from another build for the pics out in the woods. This one’s dedicated singlespeed unlike the previous version which could be run with gears or as a singlespeed. I also used to weld my seat stay bridge in place but I’ve since been brazing them in place which not only looks a heck of a lot cleaner and gives a nice shoreline where the bridge comes together with the seat stay, it also does not pull the dropouts together which is typical of welding in a seat stay bridge. So less adjustment is needed after this last part goes into place. I also built the frame a tad bigger and added a set of bottle mounts. Hey you never know if/when i might want to race singlespeed for shits and giggles. And after speaking with some friends, if you’re doing a long race that is supported, water bottles is where it’s at. Taking that pack and load off your back is amazing. I’ve been riding without one since the Hampshire 100 actually. Most of my rides are 1 hour quick after work or sneak a ride in after lunch type scenarios. More in the 5 mile range as that is a typical short loop here. I will head out for a longer ride over the weekend when time doesn’t really matter. So in a way, each new build showcases how I build the bikes to date. This is a great example of that. Few more pics:


Had them all out for that one...

Something secret

Let's prep some bottom bracket

BB Welds


And some eye candy…

44 Singlespeed

44 Singlespeed