Almost buttoned up

Shop Update 7.6.2011: After a long 4 day weekend of swingin’ a hammer I got all 4 built out and in place. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun problem solving, and building something. I have to say, making things, anything at all is the shit. So gratifying. Here’s a shot from the inside when I had all the windows in before the ply went up:

Inside before ply install

Worked pretty much 9am to 8pm each day. I was beat but happy. This next week I’ll be taking another week to myself to see if I can’t make a big push to finish up the eastern wall and finalize the interior stud wall that will divide the space for shop/storage. The space physically is approximately 22′ x 31′. That’s way more room than I need at this point and financially, I really have to think about heating this in the winter. So that is a big factor in deciding to divide the space into a 22 x 20 space. Conveniently this also makes the square footage a cool 440 square feet. A good number I might add. Once that’s finished up it’s figuring out the ceiling. Will most likely use OSB and some galvanized corrugated metal roofing to help bounce some light.

Another shot from the outside early on. I think this was Saturday night. It’s a blur:

Shop Progress 7.2.2011

So there we have it. 2 more windows to build out, frame out the older doors for new ones and build out an entrance way. Say 2-3 days for that? I’m ready. LABOR OMNIA VINCIT.

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