You know it!

Big update: The North facing wall is finished. We’re having some consistent stretches of weather now so I can get out for the entire day and work. Moving onto the South facing wall next. There is some interesting news in the works for this side of the shop. The North wall faces a steep incline which is wooded. So there isn’t necessarily anything to look at other than ferns and Mountain Laurel. Not saying this is a bad thing, but compare that to the South wall which overlooks our gardens and a small field. The South side also gets some mean sun light year round too which I can capitalize on especially in the winter for passive solar heat. My wife’s uncle Ivan came in hot with an offer I couldn’t refuse: Six 24″ x 77″ casement windows. His house suffered a lot of snow damage this past winter due to snow load and the frames the windows are housed in (they are grouped in sets of 3) were compromised. The great thing is that the glass, seal and mechanisms are unharmed. So with a little fab work I can separate them and make individual windows out of them. This is a huge development. I’ve dreamt of floor to ceiling windows in my future shop/studio. So this is going to be amazing to have this.

Next step is to arrange the pickup… That should be interesting.