Been a while since I’ve posted anything here. Rest assured, I’ve been busy with master plans. Here’s the skinny as of 7.19.2010: I’m in the process of getting my shop setup here in NH. One of the reasons why we purchased our house was for me to actually have a shop. The property has an old horse barn on it, and I’ve already gotten rid of everything “horse” related. Fencing, posts, stalls, you name it… this barn had it.

It’s in need of a few things like a new floor, build out inside, sufficient power source and eventually it will need a new roof. BUT, we’re working on upgrading our service here at the house so we can run a new line down to the shop. Mill and lathe will need phase converters. Speaking with some friends who have done the same, it sounds like it will provide plenty of power at 75% capacity for what I’m doing. So that’s good news. My electrician will be stopping by this week for an inspection and then we can put together the finalized plan for getting more power to the shop. Then it’s calling our friends over at PSNH for the service upgrade.

This is exciting stuff to say the least and basically my all time dream: Have my own shop. In a perfect world, I’ll split time between my design business, BLACKCAP Studio, and 44 Bikes. The two compliment each other well and I’m all for building a small brand, with a close nit following around a strong product lineup. So when things kick off, you’ll be sure to know first right here on this blog. In the works is a new site, a manifesto of sorts for the company that will equate to a biannual “Zine” of sorts among other things. What’s really great is I’ll be able to funnel all of my creative talents into a passionate project and love. I can’t wait to get started. Actually I have started-so can’t wait for the next steps to happen. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.

So once power is to the shop, first and foremost will be finishing the frame jig and tooling build. Then it’s Frame No. 001 to come from the shop. It will be a pretty cool moment when that happens.

In the meantime is scheming, strategery and riding plenty. I’ve been trying out the Snake Driver in every setup known to mankind. The above is yet another example of it’s versatility. A builder out in Oregon pioneered this setup, of which I have much respect, Jeff Jones. I had the fork and Front wheel from my Pork winter setup and have been wanting to take them onto the dirt just of pure curiosity. Had a chance to ride this setup the previous night and it is one heck of a blast. A few tweaks with setup. The Paul Components chain guide is a nice little piece of chain retention-ery and I did not drop a chain on anything. There is also a newer bb-mounted version here.

So stay tuned as more news happens.