Been working hard on the build-out of the shop. Took all last week off to dedicate to putting together the east facing wall. It basically included tearing down the two doors, a shoddy framed wall and window. I had to completely rebuild the wall and frame everything out. A lot of fun problem solving. Nothings ever square in old structures so I had to pull, push and hoist things back into true with a jack and 4×4 many times before a new stud wall could go up. Here’s a shot of before/after for the shop space:

Before - After

You can see the dramatic change that took place from this montage of images. To the left is planned a glass door, the last two full length 30×70 windows were installed, two transom style windows over the main double doors for the entry way. And lastly I am constructing the two 4’x7′ doors. The original opening was a whopping 10’x10′ opening. There’s a lot of practical reasons for this but for me… that’s just way too much opening. Not to mention the cost of a rolling door that would have to be installed to make that opening possible. The full space is over 600 square feet. But I’m bringing it down to a cool 440 sq. ft. for a number of reasons. Mostly for the cost of heating a space and also I really would like a bit more of a cozy shop space. I don’t really plan on filling it to the gills with machines. The two largest machines I’ll have will be a shorter lathe (32-36″ bed) and of course the bridgeport. Small grinders, a drill press and perhaps a band saw may end up in there but for the most part it’s going to be light on the heavy machinery. A surface plate will be in order as well.

But the double doors will be a nice blue color I believe while the exterior will be painted to match our homes new color scheme. Here’s some more shots from the weeks work. Interior/exterior of the stud wall being built out:

Frames of a wooden kind.

A view of the inside of the new space. I like this shot – gives you a good idea of the amount of natural light I’ve added:

New View on Sunday

And of course before/after breaking down that wall to the left. I could practically push the thing over. Good thing as the new additions bring a lot more structural integrity to this wall.

Time to chop

Last night I finished up insulating the south facing wall. Will need to skin it this weekend. Tonight I’m going to work on the east facing wall’s insulation. Next week I’ll be taking a long weekend to see if I can’t jam out and finish the internal stud wall. More soon. I”m seeing light at the end of the tunnel. It’s been pretty epic so far-can’t wait to put down the wood tools and pick up the torch for some proper metal fabrication! More soon…