A while back I received an enthusiastic email from Ron out in Portland, Oregon. Details were decided. Hands were shook. Specifications specified. His turn recently came up, so it was go time. Time to make some chips and build him his Huntsman. Room for 40mm tires if the desire should ever hit, it will live life mostly though with 32mm tires, fenders bobbed for a little flair when things get wet, a rear rack to carry heavy loads to and from work (or maybe for that beer run), Force 22 throughout with some Whisky No.7 up front for fork duties along with Thomson and King playing together nicely to round out this parts mix. Stan’s Iron Cross wheelset for the round bits to keep him running smooth. All flat black with gloss black decals. Fenders and rack painted to match. This is going to be one tough, versatile build. I shit you not. This is what the Huntsman’s all about: hard working, roads less traveled, get’s you outta any fix.. doesn’t talk back. Just does what she’s supposed to do: Shred’s. (There is no Z in Shreds by the way.)

Ron's Huntsman Ready to be Tacked

Down Tube Tacking

Huntsman Tacked

Welding those Seat Stays

Ron's Huntsman all Tacked


Not too shabby for this guy...

Head Tube Welds


Ron's Huntsman

And his rack came together nicely too…

That felt epic..

Ron's Rack + Fender Combo

Parting shot of the whole kit. Check out those transitions from front to back of the fender lines? They form a triangle. That’s negative space talking to us. That gives the form stance, feel and develops the form. These are some of the things that go into the build. It’s not just the build, but how it interacts with the space around it. That’s what industrial design is all about. Gotta play with the positive and negative shapes people. Till next time, enjoy!

Ron's Huntsman Ready for Powder