Been doing a lot of riding locally as there is just so much right here under my nose. Found some trails but was informed that there were indeed much more-just well hidden from the common folk.. So I was given a tour this past week and man, what a ride!! The trails were beautiful, classic New England singletrack. This section here rolls through a descent inside a stand of managed Red Pine. I was white eyes and white teeth the whole way through-the whole ride I should say too. Simple rolling singletrack, great climbs with plenty of rocks, roots and tech. Some really nice sections and the locals have definitely been at it and building these very well. I’m stoked to have met some fine riders to have shown me around. Funny part is they often pop out in peoples driveways or backyards only to go back into the woods. So goes it in Live Free or Die Land. People are pretty supportive of bicycles around these neck of the woods which is great.