Progress shot from the Rohloff build. This ones a 26s but with an ebb/Rohloff 500/14. Very impressed with the fit/finish of Rohloff’s product. Wheel build courtesy of Peter White Cycles. Ted Wojcik thumb of approval naturally.

This ones going to be a special build. Rack mounts throughout for a touring option (not road touring though-we’re talkin’ touring on dirt and trails. None of that sissy road stuff) Room for 2.5 tires, fender if needed and lots of standover. Classic 71/73 New England geo for tight twisties but given that this will be a Rohloff build we’ll be going with #1. Rohloff 14 speed hub. That gives the option of gears. With an ebb, you can switch things out and just take it up a notch for a singlespeed. Matching plate sans hanger will be there for a clean look. Then if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got braze on’s through out for the addition of derailleurs in case the Rohloff needs to be shed. So that’s 3 bikes in one. Not too shaby.