So Dave’s dedicated Marauder SS is finally all finished up!

DSC_5062Dave's Dedicated Marauder SS

With the Pandemic I’ve been experiencing some delays on components and I’ve seen a backlog of about 8 bikes slowly coming together in the assembly process. All of them waiting on just one component! So when Dave’s dropper finally arrived, I hopped to it and got his bike built up. I’ve been really jones’ing to get this one finished up.

Dave's Dedicated Marauder SS

Dave picked a powder color called “racing raspberry” and I just knew this one was going to be a looker. A deep raspberry with metallic flake that just lights up in the sun. So here’s Miss September, Pinky Tuscadero, all finished up. Arthur Fonzarelli approved. Happy Days lie head for Dave! Can’t wait to hand this one off to him early next week.

Pinky Side Shot

Kit includes I9 A318 stem, ENVE M6 bars, ESI Grips, White industries headset, M30 cranks, 32t ring and bottom bracket, Whisky fork, Fox Transfer with Wolftooth Remote Light lever, Nox Farlow’s laced to I9 Hydra SS hubs, Endless 20t cog, and Fibonacci spacer Kit, Vittoria Mezcal 2.35” Rubber, KMC chain, and Shimano M8120 brakes and pedals. Last but not lease is a Fox Transfer Performance Elite with a Thomson collar. With Fox’s redesign of all their Transfer dropper posts, they shortened all of the line by quite a margin. The original spec was for a 125mm dropper… That showed up and was above the minimum insertion mark because of the design change and delay (2020 to 2021 droppers…). So that meant ordering a new dropper for him at 150mm! That’s just nuts for a rider that’s a bit shorter. But awesome too. Hope everyone enjoys the pics. Here’s some details to close…

White Industries M30

Endless 20t

Industry Nine Hydra Boost SS

White M30 XXX T47