Two weeks ago I began Paul’s Huntsman. This is going to be a hot build. Force 22 2×11. ENVE Carbon Tapered Disc Cross Fork. Hot off the presses Industry 9 Cross Disc Wheels… Tubeless? You bet! Room for 32c tires. Flat black. Gloss decals. Here’s how she came together:

One more trim and we're at 420mm


That one kind of turned out nice...

Seat Tube Tack in Process

Paul's Frame all Tacked

Paul's Huntsman

My "Office"

Bottom Bracket Welds

Welding Paul's Disk Tab

Paul's Huntsman

I’ve been back purging all frames now for the past few builds with good results. Still dialing in my process and need to make some additional adjustments to tooling and make some small parts (purge fittings for dropouts) and then, just maybe then I’m ready to give titanium a first go. But till then, we’re steel all day all night. Paul’s Huntsman back from powder:

Paul's Huntsman

Paul's Huntsman : Tail

Paul's Huntsman : Hotness

We’re waiting on the wheels from Industry 9. Hence no final build pics yet. Rest assured though the day that those suckers show up… I’ll be building this bike! All parts are waiting patiently for Paul’s build in their own special box down in the “bike dojo”. Till then, it’s on to other builds in the list!