So it’s been a while. Last I spoke of this bike it was just getting all tacked together. It’s been to powder and back already but I have been waiting on a large back order of ENVE CX Forks for the next couple builds and this one and subsequently the one after it I built are all waiting on those deliveries. Here’s how she looked just before heading off to powder:

Paul's Huntsman Ready to be Finished

ISO Tab welding needed to be finished up so before the above shot which shows all the braze on’s just finished being brazed, I was machining, fitting and welding the brace and ISO mount in place. I use Paragon Machine Works parts throughout. I’ll eventually finish up a long term project of 44 Bikes specific dropouts and it may or may not include some sort of system to cover all the bases with axle standards. But until that’s done, we’ll be using PMW’s Hi/Lo Brake Caliper Mount (Part No. BK2005). This is their 3/16″ ISO brake caliper mount. Originally, I just fit both ends to the stays and then had to weld one heck of a lot of area in between. Looking at this, I got the impression that was just overkill. All that weld and not a heck of a lot of function or necessity. So I have a small tool which I use to orient the BK2005 in my mill and machine away all that excess material. So now, I only truly weld the ends and it creates a nice structural form that becomes the ISO mount. It gets a curved reinforcement bridge. Here’s the tool in action:

ISO Mount Modification

And all the parts cleaned, prepped, tacked and welded in place:

TIG Tuesday!

Because of the curves of the seat stays, some times (depending on the size of the frame too) I will blend or rather “lead” in the very tip of the ISO mount. You can see how I’ve added a subtle radius to the face of the ISO mount so part of it is not hanging off the edge of the stay. I find this gives everything a nice visual flow.

And of course all nice and shiny. More on this one once I get the fork/s from ENVE and am able to build it up and take some studio shots. Till then, enjoy.



Paul's Huntsman off to powder

Paul's Huntsman off to powder