Finished up Damon’s Huntsman CX a while back and we have all the parts together finally. The fork went down to Circle A Cycles for a flat paint job… turned out spectacular and it was a joy working with those guys. Thanks Chris! Here’s a few sneak peek shots of Damon’s SS commuter beast:

Damon's Huntsman CXSS

Damon's Huntsman CXSS

While we were waiting on parts, I had started another build. Chris’s Huntsman CX-ish commuter. This is the first bike I’ll be doing fenders for so I want to get them just right. Honjo’s were waiting for me when I got back from our week long stay in the Red River Gorge this past week (good to have a bit of time off to get some wind beneath the sails!). Here’s a concept shot thanks to photoshop below. If I’m doing fenders, I’m going to do them a bit special and a bit knuckle dragger… BOB-JOB. That’s the way:

Fender Line - Bobbed

Here’s a few of the bridges being finalized and then brazed in place as well as welding up the disk tab:

Welding up Chris's CX Disk Tab

Disk Tab-ery

Chris's CX Bridges w/ fender mounts

All... almost brazed

Up next is a 29er headed to Mississippi. This should be a nice little rig. 1x setup which will see life first as a singlespeed. Stay tuned kids. Don’t change that dial. Channel Zero as always. Till then…