So after those experiments with existing builds and 29+ wheels, I’ve got my drawing for my client dialed, the parts spec is finished and it’s time to “make some chips”. Here’s pretty much everything that will eventually look like a bicycle:

Next up : 29+

And we’re headed into outer space with this one. Space is the place.


Victor's 29+ Coming Together

It’s been BRIM UP the past few days here at 44HQ. This is when shit needs gettin’ done. The brim gets flipped… I was finding the edge of the top tube in this pic using a simple tool “The Edge Finder”. Basically this version is a .375″ cylinder with a tip that is spring loaded which has a diameter of .2″ (specifically the Starrett No. 278a). The way it works is you load it up into an appropriate .375″ R8 collet, and running at high speed, touch the edge of your part just until the no. 278a kicks out of true. This is typically about .001″ over the edge of the part. Since that end is .2″, you then adjust your feed by halving it to .1″, advance that amount and you are perfectly centered over the edge of the part. Now if you wish to divide that part in half (in this case, a 1.375″ O.D. tube) you can do so and find center on your part in a given axis. I needed to find center of this tube to mill a hole for an internal cable routing. There you have it… Brim up.


Pre-drilled precisely on the mill and finished to exactness hand:

Internal Cable Routing Holery

Top Tube Internal Cable Routing

I recall many years ago when one of my jewelry professors was showing my class a technique of sorts that required a lot of dexterity. His point was that machines and automation will only get you so far and that there are things that your eyes see that a machine can’t and there’s things your hands can do, that would take a lot of planning or time on a machine. That oval hole up there and then fitted to the internal cable routing is a great example. Looks simple enough but with practice and honing of your skills, is a lot easier to do by hand.

And brazed/finished:


Miters. Braze. Bicycles :


Let's miter us some chainstays...

Victor's 29+ Coming Together

Next up is finishing this beast… Till then enjoy.