Get out there...

Over the years I’ve heard stories, read comments or caught a whiff of something to do with what kind of gear or bike people are riding. This vs that. You “need” this. You “can’t” have that… Luckily I’ve some how dodged this proverbial bullet on any of my own rides. I do get questioned or rather grilled at trade shows about my own bikes and how they’re put together along with what components I’m spec’ing and why. But of late, the frequency of these tall tales and commentary seems to be intensifying. I’m not sure what the cause is. Perhaps it’s because we do enjoy a lot of technological advances in the cycling industry just within the past decade let alone the past few seasons.

One recent comment I read had me a bit disheartened and it went something along the lines of “My next bike purchase has me stressed.” Full stop. Nothing about bicycles should be stressful. Buying a new bike should be as much fun as it is exciting. So from me to you whoever you are out there: Just Ride. Whatever is in your stable right now? It’s time to get out there and pedal. No dropper? No problem. Not the latest and greatest from “insert OEM’s name here”? It won’t make a world of difference.

Just ride that bike you got. My first bicycle was a hand me down. I rode the heck out of that thing. Each bike I’ve owned since then was the same in many ways: My favorite right here and now. Two wheels, pedals, a handlebar to put your mitts on and a saddle to plunk your butt down. Hold fast and pedal faster. Don’t listen to what those clowns have to say. Everyone’s got an opinion as they say and lord knows do we now get to hear everyone’s opinion thanks to the internet (including this one). Run what ya brung as they say.

So from me to you: Just Ride.