JP's Marauder
JP’s Marauder is signed sealed and delivered.  Things have been a bit hectic over here after returning from Montreal to have some corrective surgery… and not for me.  For my dog.  But I digress!  Up above is JP’s Marauder and the spec is something special: Shimano XT M8000 1×11 drivetrain, Race Face Cinch cranks, Thomson Ti flat bars, Eriksen Ti post, Thomson stem, I9 Trail wheel set (PINK), WTB rubber… and ODI Van’s lock-on grips!  Coated in my signature flat black powder and a stealth decal kit to match.  Here’s a few details shots for you:
PMW DR2065 w/ Shimano Direct Mount
Paragon’s direct mount hanger keeps things clean with a 12mm TA out back too.
Industry 9
Those I9 Trail’s with pink spokes really catch the eye…
Shimano XT M8000 1x11
A little detail showing you the drivetrain set up and those signature “straight edge” horizontally tapered stays to increase lateral stiffness.
And a parting shot for that classic side shot.  This one was just small enough where I could shoot it from the side.  My photo set up in the shop is a bit limited in terms of width, and hence why you do not often see a lot of side shots.
JP's Marauder
Here you can see just how close the mill, lights and cabinets are.  The above is the cleaned up shot, and below is the shot without anything removed.  This one’s also featured on the new 44HQ Website.
JP's Marauder