There was a few weeks worth of wait for one last component to arrive (ENVE CX Disc Taper Fork). That arrived early last week along with 3 others for current builds so I was finally able to finish up Paul’s Huntsman and get it shot in the “studio”. This one’s a pretty sweet little build sporting Sram Force 22, Avid BB7 Road cable actuated disc brakes, Thomson Post, Bars and Collar, Cane Creek 110 Headset, ENVE CX fork, and Stan’s new Grail wheel set rounds out the build. Thanks to all at Stan’s for FINALLY updating those wheel graphics. Much simpler and cleaner so for those wanting a little bit of graphic on the wheels, these sport some nice decals now in my opinion. Paul however wanted them gone, so post shoot… Off they came! Bike is built up with Continental X-Kings which are a nice full 35mm tire, but there is however room for 40’s too. Here’s some shots to keep you all warm at night:

Money Shot

I know some like that classic “side shot” but for me, this is the one (although the one above is quickly becoming a favorite too). It’s the view from the rear quarter of the bike. Why is this my favorite? It’s gives the bike a stance and adds a layer of aggressiveness that my eye just likes. You also get to see more of the bike too, the details, the curves, positive and negative shapes and is a bit more visually dynamic. I just dig this view. Maybe it’s the hot rodder in me coming out? Don’t know – but I like it!

Paul's Huntsman

Let’s get in close…

Let's Get in Close



Paul's Huntsman

And one last one where I left it a bit more raw. Lets you see where the bike is in the shop as I take shots. I normally crop/erase all that stuff out that you see. But this shot reveals a bit of the process of shoot the bikes. Enjoy.

In the "Studio"