Another Huntsman on deck. There’s a bunch on the list… This one’s not going to be black! It’s actually going to be RAL2009 which is a very close match to “Hemi” Orange. Will decide on the decal color (possibly white to match the ENVE logo on the fork). But this one’s a frame, fork, headset and collar deal. ENVE CX Disk Fork. Thomson Collar. Cane Creek 110 headset. Should build up to a nice tight little build. Mostly will see time on some dirt and mixed road conditions. Room for 40’s but will most likely live with 35’s to start. Internal routing and ISO mount in the rear keeps the disc brake lines and routing nice and clean if the bike should need hefting when the going gets too tough. Here’s all the pieces parts.

Pieces Parts

You will note when I take pictures like this one, often there are a few parts missing. Most times the seat stays. Why is that? Well, I make them AFTER the frame has been tacked and is out of the jig. Personally, I find this allows me to get the bends just in the right spot. Sure I could go off a drawing, but it takes some of the spirit out of it for me. So that’s why you often don’t see the seat stays in pics like the above.


This one also got an internally routed rear brake cable. So that means getting things tight. No gaps kids. That’s very important to make this a sound structure. Below is the finished seat stays all prepped to be welded. Dropouts tacked to the seat stays to keep everything in phase:


And all held together in the BB-Subassebmly jig to be tacked (and tacked in the third pic):

Sub-Assemblies All Day Long

Back in the Saddle


And stitching the whole thing together:

And so it begins...

Top Tube Tack

Let's Get in Close...

Huntsman all Tacked

Last but not least, the stays are formed, mitered and tacked in place:

Let's tack some seat stays...

Huntsman all tacked

Now comes my favorite part, and of course that is the step that takes the least amount of time. So it goes. But this is what you wait for!

Let's weld some bike...

Welding that Head Tube


Sometimes, when it is cool out, I declare it’s a “Cowboy Day”. Maybe it’s the outlaw in me… but that’s what’s going on with the handkerchief in the weld shots. Keeps the chill of the neck and I’ve found I stay nice and comfortable when the temps outside are cool but not cool enough to turn on the heat in the shop. Little trick I picked up along the way. Plus you get to act like a cowboy. Nothing wrong with that partners.

And a little post brazing weld porn…

Bottom Bracket Junction

Head Tube Welds... and some flux.

ISO Ain't Dead Yo

Parting shot. Got the word JUST before I left for Thanksgiving that the powder for this bike had arrived, then we lost power and of course this bike is still here. Most likely for the best as it’s in safe hands and not kicking around at powder for too long. This will go over to powder first thing this week and should be done by weeks end.

Little bit of finishing left...