Worked on revising the Pricing and Fit Guides today – now that a bunch of people have used them, some questions have come up that I can use to refine/combine all of these into one document. So I’ll be updating the format / design some. No change in pricing. Just more details and hopefully a bit easier to use and follow.

Took part of my lunch today to haul my tubing bender down to the shop and find it’s permanent home. Good to have this down in the shop finally – looking forward to finally making some mods:

Finally in the shop!

The tubes for Patrick’s 29er arrived a day early (imagine that?). So I knocked out his bottom bracket sub assembly and got straight to work mitering all his tubes for the front triangle. Got to use the new mitering setup too. Very solid and has made this part a little less laborious. I’m happy with the results! Mitering Patrick’s Down Tube:

Big Daddy

And flipped to make the second cut at the Bottom Bracket – the tube block in the center of the tube keeps things in phase when I need to flip the tube (if I need to flip the tube actually). Also helps to act as another place to hold the tube for a solid setup:

Flipped and in phase

Bottom Bracket assembly all fitted up:

Patrick's Bottom Bracket Assembly

And the main triangle all finished up mitering and fitted. The dark outlines around the miters is sharpie to mark where I need to vent things. I’ll vent everything tomorrow and put his internal cable routing in the top tube. If I have enough time, I’ll also tack the whole frame together. Most likely the entire main triangle will be welded by Monday which is good. Finally making up some days that I lost due to the hurricane and loss of power. Till then, enjoy:

Patrick's 29er Taking Shape

Patrick's 29er Taking Shape

Oh… And THIS ONE got loose today. My fault – I didn’t pull our front door completely closed.. Halfway through the day I see her streak down to the shop wagging her tail looking at me. I gave her lots of hugs and kisses and then we both ran back up to the house to figure out what happened – I was hoping a window in a door didn’t break or something worse. Glad to realize it was just my mistake. She’s a good girl – came down to tell me I left the door open…

Action Pup