Black and Blue

Dialing in setups this past week. Started with my personal build: Rebuilt the fork with fresh oil and swapped the 20mm limiter for a 10mm limiter. Now with sag she’s sitting pretty with 100mm of travel.

I've got gas.

This is big. I have to say the anticipation was killing me. The driver called about 2 hours out just to let me know he was on route from Airgas with my delivery. So pretty much any design work wasn’t going to get done as I couldn’t concentrate. I’m like a kid in a candy store with this kind of stuff. My enthusiasm for the small victories can be overwhelming sometimes. Needless to say I spent some time with the driver chatting and thanking him for making the trip out to the shop. Always good to thank those who are working hard each and every day. Makes good friends, it’s good business and you’re remembered so when you really need something, they come through for you when you’re in a fix. What comes around goes around as they say.

Once we got the bottle in place and things were setup, it was time to get all of my welding gear from my “bike shop” up at the house and bring it down to the studio. As you know I picked up my welder early last february. I’ve been sitting on that thing since then. I tend to do that. Lot’s to learn on this welder. It’s the first Tig Welder I’ve owned and it’s the first one that I’ve used that incorporates a DRO. All the others I’ve used in the past were dials and switches. “Old Fashioned” as it were. I was sure to make note of my settings so I can translate them to this machine and have a base point.

Dialing in my setup

Stoked? And how. Now to start practicing to shake out all the dust and cobwebs.

It’s pretty odd to not have snow in NH let alone be riding on local trails in the middle of February. This is a first for me and I’ll take it! When Leigh and Franky first moved up they had a similar winter and thought NH winters were going to be a breeze. NOT. We got slammed the next year and the year after that when we moved up too. But did a short loop I do when time is limited. Super fun and Kaya was blazing the trails which were in great shape. I met one of the land owners, Reed, who was out for a hike. Most of the trails around the shop are on private property and it’s really great to connect with land owners when you can. I thanked him for letting us build trails on his land and sharing it with others who are passionate about trails.

Sniffer Report 2.18.2012

Corner stoke: