Francois’s 650b came together nicely. She’s at powder now albeit with a slight delay for the powder shops gun in for repair. This one’s coming back “sparkle copper” which is basically a really bright deep orange with some sparkle. Should be a really nice finish. I9 wheels with Stan’s ARCH EX, Thomson, FOX Fit 120mm Float with 15mm thru axle and tapered steerer, Sram X9 throughout, Wolftooth 1×10 guideless setup.. can’t wait to get this one back and get it built. Here’s some shots for your enjoyment as she came together:

Francois's 650b Pieces-parts

Tacking Franky's 650b


ST Brace Junction : Franky's 650b

BB Welds : Franky's 650b


Francois's 650b Ready for Powder