Those turned out A.O.K.

Seems I’ve been building a lot of forks as of late. Clients and requests all the same. Mostly fat forks of the tapered steel unicrown kind. Here’s a few that came together recently. All sport different Axle to crown measurements but all are 135 spaced with clearance for 5″ tires. Some are 15x142mm TA. We’ll see where the fat bike front hub standard ends up but for now, given the volume of 135mm QR hubs out there, I think we’ll be dealing with a few standards moving forward which include 9mm QR x 135mm, 15x142mm, 15x150mm. I think 4″ fat tires will settle into 170mm rear ends and 5″ fat tires will stay in the 190mm camp. Front will most likely be 9mm QR x 150mm rigid and suspension will be 15x150mm TA. (I’m sure there will be a 15x150mm TA rigid in there too then). But for now, I’ve got all the sizes and can build to what the rider would prefer. It’s just a dummy axle. Here’s some Fat Fork XXX for you all to enjoy…

Fork Fit Up

Forked Up

Fat Forked Up

15mm x 142mm TA FAT


Let's get in close...

Unicrown Welds

Patrick's 15x142 Fat Fork : 2.08 lbs As Pictured