Shop featured on "The Garage Journal"

As I was doing research for my shop build, specifically insulation if I recall, when I came across this wonderful site: The Garage Journal. It’s a website dedicated to garages that have been turned into shop spaces. To be read: Man Caves. Some are just that, others are custom speed shops and others are home to tinkerers, fabricators or just a guy looking for some space to make. What drew me in was the vast resource of knowledge that everyone had as well as the inspiration for my own shop build. I decided that once I had enough done, I would post up my own build and see what others thought. The response has been great and it’s been even more fun to share.

Recently it appears I’ve caught the attention of the admin’s and they were kind enough to make me a feature garage build. Check it out here!

Lot’s more in store for the shop. Follow along here on the blog, on my flickr shop set or over at the Garage Journal thread for my shop!